About us

At Scholar Route, we believe that every child deserves equal access to opportunities, without barriers or exceptions, so they can become their best selves.

Here’s our story

As Scholar Route we don’t compromise on the safety of your children, we go above and beyond to ensure that we provide services we can vouch on. Our main priority is being the safety of the bundles of joy we have at our care while commuting to and from school.

We’re a brand that was designed to give parents peace of mind as all our operations are transparent. The dedicated drivers we partner with are vetted drivers that are supported by the latest technology to keep you informed and at ease about your child’s whereabouts at all times.

Our innovative technology has an efficient built-in tracking device as well as push notifications to keep you updated throughout the trip, enabling parents and drivers to be in contact with one another. The vehicles in service also undergo a rigorous check to ensure they are road-worthy.

Our services are built on an app that remedies the safety regulations and communication gaps that coexists between parents, schools, government, and the scholar transport system.

Our app is for parents who need a safe and reliable solution for scholar transportation. We offer the stress-free convenience of daily ride-shares running throughout the day, allowing the scholars access to our services for extramural activities as well. The app also caters to driver-partners who want to takes their business to a whole new level by saving time and money through optimized routes and nearby clientele.