Here is a detailed description of how our App works and all the benefits it comes with, for you as a driver on our platform.

How our app works for driver

Driver benefits

Receive rewards and recognition for good and safe driving.

Be part of the safest transport community in your neighbourhood.

We find scholars in the area you work in and bring clients to you.

Assistance on safety
Get assistance with adhering to safety requirements and government regulations.

Business efficiency
We digitize your business for you so you run your business efficiently.

We offer the technology you can use to analyse and optimize the routes to save you time and money.

Driver benefits

The centre of our platform is ensuring scholar safety. Thus, we expect all our Driver Partners to meet the following requirements;

A clean criminal record with a valid driver’s license with PrDP.

Must be professional and clean.

Must be reliable and have good time-management skills.

A clean, road-worthy, well-kept, and licensed vehicle.

Must show proof of vehicle and liability insurance.

Must have an Android or IOS handset with access to the internet.

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We have created an innovative platform that will be beneficially inclusive of three parties (Parents, Children, Drivers) and to a certain extent, government and schools as well.