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We have created an innovative platform that will be beneficially inclusive of three parties (Parents, Children, Drivers) and to a certain extent, government and schools as well.

To Parents...

All you need to do is download the app, add your child’s tailored monthly schedule, they are paired with a trusted, vetted and regulated driver in your neighborhood then pay on the app too using your debit/credit card. The app bridges the gap between parents and drivers. Resolving issues such as, non-vetted transport vehicles, driver-parent communication, child in-transit tracking and so much more.

What’s up kids...

We’ve here to offer you a safe, efficient and scholar-friendly ride to school. This transport provider improves the transport challenge you face by daily. No more, transport overloads, late coming, unsafe rides and every unfortunate incident. If your parents are looking for a safe and easy way to manage your transport needs. Tell them we've got you.

For Drivers…

As our driver partner, you get the opportunity to scale your business effectively by highlighting the parent’s scholar transport demands. We do this by means of analyzing the data collected by this platform. The technology allows routes to be optimized in a way that saves you money, and less time spent by children in transit. You are part of a community that recognizes and rewards you for best and safest service on the road.

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